Proxima - B Colony / UPBGE

Due to family health problems I could not finalize my game in time to participate in delivering my game to compete in the BGMC 26. In total there were 6 days of development, enough time to deliver on the scheduled date. I hope you like it, maybe it was the champion if it had been delivered on time …

Hope you like it. Simple yet effective.

Download in GameJolt:

Video of gameplay in youtube:

Nice game !

First, what I liked:

  • The intro and menus were cool !
  • The assets are nice too !
  • Good simple gameplay

What bugged me now:

  • Aim system… we’re in 2017, we use the mouse ! lol
  • Few enemies, too much HP: the enemies have way to much health, its what I would call “fake difficulty”.
  • Progression very slow: At first it was cool, but the lack of action and the insane tankiness of the few ennemies was a bit boring :slight_smile:

Otherwise its cool !

These are valuable tips.

I had the idea of the game, but I did not know how to move the cannons efficiently using a mouse. I decided to do it with the keyboard, even though it sounds weird. It could be more diversified monsters, but for the time available BGMC 26 I decided to simplify. That’s why the game was simple.

Oh this I don’t mind :slight_smile:

I did way simplier than you, so its fine really.

I think with way less HP/enemy, more enemies (like a little swarm), and mouse control, this game would have been really challenging !

Good job still !