PS3 Controller

Hey all. Long time blender hobbyist, although I haven’t been on blender in a good 2 years. Got back on the other day because I was bored now that the semester is over and PSN is still down. Hopped on blender last night and busted out this one today… can you tell what is missing for me right now? Come back online PSN!

A few shots.

There are still a few minor annoyances with the mesh. The biggest being that I can’t figure out how to undo edge creasing, so the top edge around the button/sticks platform is far too sharp. If anyone knows how to remove a edge crease, it would be greatly appreciated!

I want to post the wireframe and get some CC on the topology, but how to render the wires escapes me at the moment. It has just been too long since I’ve used it I think!

Moving forward, I’m not planning on making any adjustments to the mesh at this point (other than the aforementioned crease issue). I do plan on adding color/texture to it. Possibly a normal map to add the “L” and “R” at the top of the rigger holder as well as the L1/L2 and R1/R2 indentations on the triggers. But I am terrible at materials, textures, UV so any tips on that would be fantastic. Plus it seems 2.57 has moved a few things around so blender feels really new to me at this point.

Thanks for checking this out :slight_smile:

Wire render tut
The handles look weird they look concave instead of straight/convex.

I control the bevel using edge loops instead of edge creasing. But to remove the crease i believe you hit Shift E and type in 0

Cool model overall

@DDD Thanks :slight_smile:

I noticed the concavity on the handles, I need a straight edge or something! I think I’ll try to work on that at a later time. Also, I’ll see what setting that to zero does.

Good tutorial too. Wires should be up soon!

Looking good :slight_smile: are you planning on texturing it after you iron out some of your mesh problems?

@natholas That is the plan. Although I will probably have the most questions on texturing… is there a good place to start when it comes to that stuff?

UV unwrapping :slight_smile: there are some good tutorials on

Hey I just found a tutorial someone put on youtube on making a PS3 controller in blender. I watched the first few. It is interesting to see how another person goes about modeling the same thing… He started with the indentations on the button pads then went to the circle pads. I started with the circles, brought them into the buttons then out for the rest.

@natholas: I’ll be sure to check that out.

Made a few adjustments to the handles so they are not concave. Also made an adjustment on the D-Pad buttons as well as the stick “well” walls.

Here are the wires. Please let me know on the topology how it is!

I have a question regarding what I should to as far as the materials and textures on this. Would I get better results from UVing the entire thing or just UVing certain things like the buttons with text/graphics on them and just doing a basic material for the shell of the controller?

By the way, I found a really cool way to remove edge creases. Just duplicate the verts that are creased, then remove doubles. Nice and quick too!

Ha, this project took a bit of a detour. The clan I am a member of was looking for new forum sigs. I kind of got the idea of putting the controller inside of a box, then it lead to this…

Still waiting for a few more members to give me the images they want on the box and the color combinations on the controllers. It was really cool because I finally had a practical use for one of the models I made in blender!

That’s really cool! I like the boxes, and the color combinations are great :wink: Nice work.

here is an idea, you can change the sympols on the controller to better reflect the box media.
and limited edition change to the title of the media

nice style ,