PSA: Where did the Remove Doubles / Remove Double Vertices command go in 2.80?

I’m just putting this here because I suspect this will be a 2.80 FAQ:

Q. Where did the remove doubles / remove duplicate vertices command go?

A. The following command from earlier 2.80 beta versions which was the same as the pre-2.80 Remove Doubles command:


Has been moved and renamed, and can now be found here:



I understand the logic, but really this feels like they fixed something that wasn’t broken, and took a step backwards in the process. Instead of being a top level option, you now have to click a couple times to get there. I realize that technically the remove doubles tool has always been a merge vertices tool, but removing double (or multiple) vertices in the same place has always been the core function, and the name of the tool did a good job of representing that.

Probably won’t take me that long to get used to, but could certainly make things confusing for anyone learning the software, as the logic behind the change may not be apparent to these folks.


Right click its at the bottom of the menu.

Really quick and easy to access.

I don’t see any menu at all when I right-click. Could you explain more, maybe even include a screen shot?

Make sure you’re in vert selection mode … select all and right click in the 3d viewport.