Pseudo stereographic GIF

That’s at 90ms per frame, not really sure if should speed up or slow down. Slight DoF and Simple Star Glare node in compositor to try to exaggerate depth somewhat.

It looks a lot better than I expected when I saw the title. I was expecting a small red and green gif.

I think you should try moving the robot a little bit off center. I can’t tell how 3D it’s face is either because it’s not moving very much in the rotation or because it’s face it flat. It looks really good though.

Thank you very much, yeah as by definition these GIFs have to have only 2 frames I was able to make it high quality well within the tumblr 1MB (well 1000k) limit, even as a full widht (500px) tall GIF, I think thats full palette 256 with ‘Positioned’ dithering.

Originally I did make a GIF where the camera was moving slightly off centre, but I actually dropped that because I was thinking of the angle that ‘eyes’ would look at it and decided to have as much as possible a parallel triangle for the two camera positions. His face is entireley flat as the robot is literally my music making entities logo on a robot (with a lot of Samurai/Bushido references thrown in). His basic shape is loosely modelled on Gundam ‘Alex’ from 0080:War In The Pocket - well I used blueprints from that to ensure scale felt ok etc.

The show Brain Games recently had something like that. I immediately fired up Blender and tried to replicate it, but it didn’t come out very well. I think I had too much parallax. Yours looks a lot better.

Steve S

interesting you mention that, I downloaded a Stereo 3D Camera Rig addon, which had 2 different methods one with ‘toe in’ (i.e. cameras were turned ‘in’ slightly), and one with them just parallel. Apparently the non toe in ones caused way less vertical parallax, so I tried that but tbh, it really didn’t give a 3D feel, but when I did the ‘toe in’ style later on (locked to target and guided along a circle), I got this GIF, which to me felt a lot more ‘3D’ and I can’t see any noticeable vertical line parallax problems either (which is surpising with such high contrast colours and straight vertical lines everywhere :p).

Maybe the non toed in set up works perfectly for actual ‘split’ stereo (i.e. on the TVs etc), but doesnt really provide enough effect at lower frame rates.

Is this really working for everyone? Because I made something similar a while ago and asked some people if the effect works for them. Most of them did not see the images in a 3D-manner, though. :confused: I have to say I did not use further effects! Well, if this works better than my simple approach, I guess the depth of field and the star glare have a huge effect here? :open_mouth: