PSO Concept Final Render

Hi Everyone,

This is my first project in blender. I have started using blender in January, 2012. I could have done a better job with the camera movement and I maybe I should have. But I had a dead-line and this is the best I could do 14 days.

I would love to hear your honest opinion about it. Don’t worry I can take it …

This is a link to the final video …

Abdullah Al-Rasheed

The texture work is terrible, it doesnt look at all like real buildings, the models are very simple, there is no athmosphere.

You could had done better indeed but for your first project its acceptable, I think that the best now is work on texturizing and learn shading techniques in order to increase the quality, then learn how to settup renderizations, Add AO for example, I wish you best luck and I hope you show us more of your work on the future, dont get upset, you said that you wanted the truth, and that is what I think, but its a great start!

Thank you for your reply. It is valuable input and I’ll be working on improving my texturing and modeling skills and don’t worry about being honest, it is what I need to get better.

It’s a lot better than I could do after such a short time using blender. Some advice on your modelling; you seem to have a lot of mesh surfaces that overlap and create flickering shapes. Remove the overlap either by increasing the separation or deleting some of the faces.