PSP-1000 Playstation Portable Blender 2.79B Cycles 600 samples

I worked on this model for 4 days, still missing some details to achieve the optimal result. I worked on different techniques such as retopo, modeling by subdivision, poly to poly, etc.


Clean topology, impressive skills, highly detailed work! Well done…

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Visually delicious and hyper clean. I always loved the form of the PSP. The only thing that feels off to me is the right thumb pad—I remember those buttons as having a sharper edge, I think you may have made them a little too rounded? Otherwise I feel it’s the device’s perfect likeness. Incredible work, keep it up.

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Thank you very much!

Thank you. Soon I will finish with some details that will remain pending and they will fix me in that point that you indicate to me. Regards

Great job !

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Wow very nice work man…

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Simply amazing work. Love it!!
Love to see your lighting setup and shaders !!! lol

By the way, what you do to get that polished wireframe render? Can you share the settings you use?

(Note: Do you have any website … twitter account) ? :smiley:

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Nice hardware modelling. :+1:

Good topology, density and properly padded edges. No distortions in reflections even near the cutout cover parts.

Couple of things you might want to check:

  • Add brighter lights to the final render as it’s in my oppinion slightly too dark and could use some boost
  • The analog stick is too glossy when compared to reference images
  • Some reference images of PSP model 1000 have transparent glossy plastic buttons and that’s how I remembered the unit being. This might be a regional thing but here’s a reference:
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I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Bart I can not believe it! I’m incredibly happy. Thank you very much for appreciating my work! A hug. Happy Happy Happy yeahhhhh!!! :heart_eyes:

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