PSP model, first model

Hey all.
I recently got into blender and after trailing through lots of tutorials trying to pick up skills, I had a go at a model on my own. I chose the PSP that was on my desk and now I want to see what any of you think of it. Please can you give me advice or pointers to help me out please.

PSP render

I don’t think the shoulder button looks quite right yet, and I haven’t got round to putting any logos or text on it.
Ok, I attached the file.


could you attach it, i cant see the image from that host.

Maybe its just my monitor, but the image am getting is a bit dark. These type of shots are usually well lit so you might want to add some more lights. on the right side of the picture i can make out the polygon edges of your psp bump up the level of you subsurf modifier.

That’s pretty fresh. I want to go buy one now. Actually I’d buy one just to
play Wipeout Pure.

OK, thanks for the advice. I have increased the subsurf and configured some ambient occlusion (which was in a handy post on this site :eyebrowlift:) so now it is a lot brighter.

It was pretty handy for a first project, just lying there. And all Wipeout games rule too. :slight_smile:
Also I’m still not sure about the Shoulder buttons, they don’t look right. Can anyone suggest what I can do to them?, I have no idea.


Separate the shoulder buttons from the main mesh. Just go into edit mode, select the vertices and press y.

You have a great start on modelling, I will look forward to seeing more work from you!

Thanks, I’ll have to try that. Is there a way to make a curve without subsurf? What I mean is, I don’t particularly want those buttons subsurfed but I do want the top part of it curving downwards. Any help would be great.

Thank you. :slight_smile: