Psychic Butterfly. Neurosky Mindwave + Blender test

Here is a little game I put together in 4 hours of reviewing blendercookie BGE and other tutorials and about 6 hours of playing around in blender. This game is about flying around with butterfly. To get butterfly to get up from the ground you must concentrate enough.

I used Neurosky Mindwave set to get concentration value and tcp client in blender to get this value to BGE. Rest was just finding bugs after glitches and getting right values to physics.

Here is a little video of the game in action.

I think I will continue this project for a while and post more updates I there is interest in this.

Very cool! Is it possible to somehow get the butterfly to turn using the neurosky, aswell as rising and falling? Now you should add some obstacles to fly through.

Unfortunately not at the moment. Mindwave gives out two values that are easy to use: Meditation 0-100 and Attention 0-100. Rest are raw EEG values from one sensor and I am just starting to find information about how to use those values to do something interesting. There is Emotiv EPOC headset with 14 sensors, but its little bit more expensive then mindwave so I started testing with this device.

For this I was thinking some kind of obstacle course and add some visualization of different brainwaves (flowers bending according to theta waves, fountains water height with alpha waves…)