Psycho !

Hello ! It’s my first message in this site and furthermore I don’t speak very well english :slight_smile:
But I’m going to do the best of myself :wink:
To start, this is my work :

So , let’s go for criticism…

Wow, great first post ! Welcome to elysiun !
The mix of toon shading and realism works extremely well. Nice posters on the wall and really good cloth folds ! How did you make them ?
I have some small crits :
Where the cloth ends, the legs outside the cloth appear much lower than the legs under the cloth.
The scientist’s shoes look rather uncomfortable… :wink:
The glowing thing and purple and green objects on the right look strange - what are they ?

Very nice style, how long have you been using Blender ?

lol, they are liquids in bottles.

Welcome to Elysiun.
Nice composition. I agree with the previous comment.

Thanks at all for these comments (I haven’t fixed all details because my fuc… Peecee bugged :< and thanks to ebrain for rendering this scene and xcuse me for my english :smiley: )
so please continue to C&C :smiley:
I touch the final render (Rhysy 2 :guess that I’ll fix these mistakes in the next render :slight_smile: and I use Blender for two years now )