Psychological Horror game unprecedented in Blender

Hello, my name is Brian Anthony Colon. I’ve been working with Blender for just over 3 years now. I had began with the goal in mind of making a great horror game. You won’t find it now, but I had made a demo called HOW FAR, and I released it online. The ambiance was WELL received, but the gameplay was crap. 3 years later, I’m back with a hell of a lot of knowledge. I’m now finally developing the first horror I wanted to make! I also chose the BGE because I hadn’t seen any true horror games done in it. Everytime one began development, it would be moved to unity or unreal. I want to stick with Blender for this game. I want to show it can make a game that can fit on the shelf next to the great horrors made in other engines. You can download my WIP tech demo and find more information about me through the following link. I hope you enjoy! Any and all feedback is welcome! Thank you!

It looks impressive man i like your presentation though. Nice work on your pre-alpha.
my projects have been on hold because ive been quite busy with school related works so yeah !!!

All the best for your project man you’ll do great things with a software like blender.

Kind regards

Thanks Fred! And same here lol. Blender is definitely capable of big things contrary to popular belief. Its just takes a ton of time and optimization. I have another project with a vision even bigger than this, but its on hold until I get a computer that can handle it!

Thanks again dude!

Just wanted to say great work with the demo, I did end up pushing one of the diner stools near the bar through a wall - but other than that this was a suitably chilling demo - that opening shudders.

Thank you! Yeah I forgot to turn on physics for the wooden panels along the walls lol. Just a side heads up though: this game WILL be somewhat overwhelming in graphic nature. BE READY!!!

Damn presentation wise its perfect and same here as well im also sticking to the BGE its a great game engine. I believe that the BGE is as good as any other Game Engine Games just have to be done well.

I must say your Graphics are mind blowing and your project is Beast bro i like it , make it a Great Blender horror Game hopefully it will stand out with Games made on Unity and Unreal Engine.

Your project seems to be comming along quite well i suppose. How’s the optimization. Going so far?


Thank you Fred! & yes presentation was something I aimed to nail since there wasn’t much else going on lol. I appreciate your liking of the graphics man, its probably my best area of work. I intend to apply this quality to the entire game.

Optimization is actually better than I ever expected blender to be capable of. Especially being that this demo was made on a VERY low end system. I’ve recently upgraded to a new one, but the old one is in storage. Working on a new game “DEFIAL” until I get it back lol. Will post about DEFIAL soon!