Public apology to all members

I’m sorry for all the trouble i’ve caused and I promise I will take this as an opportunity to prove myself. The truth is I tend to have trouble reacting to critisism and that’s what got me banned initially. But since then I quickly found that

-constructive critisism is there to help, not hurt and that I should follow it if possible
-images mainly matter if you yourself like them, not everyone has to love it and not everyone has to say it’s perfect.
-an image is not called crap unless someone actually says it’s crap.

All in all, when it comes to 3D i’m like. “hey, i’m just a hobbyist, I don’t have to worry to make professional quality images right away, and I know people like them though they aren’t perfect”

Out of all the times i’ve debuked comments and fought back i’m sorry for that, but I do keep them in mind when I do the next image. Heck when it comes to that I even got a new lighting setup for daylight scenes. It includes a sunlight for main illumination, a hemilight to simulate light filtering in from all directions, and a another sunlight pointing straight up to address the undersides. And if I needed darker like in a crevice I could use an omni light with negative light to darken the area.

From now on so I don’t have to worry about critisism and reacting to it I will no longer post images on the board. If only Alltaken will give me another chance to have an album at his gallery I will gladly put my images back on, link to it in my sig and say that if you want to see any possible new images you have to go there or something. Now the thing about the gallery as a reaction to being banned I deleted all the images from my mudpuddle album and thus left it empty and thus leading it to be deleted. And as a part of giving me another chance and re-anchoring myself in the blender community I ask the owner to give me another album and give me a chance to put my images online once more and will be thanked personally if he complies with this request.

And I was going to post the letter but theeth as I found posted it for me and like it says I hope we can start over regardless of who you are.

Any more info I may have forgot is likely in the letter.

That is all

A tip: Use the Works in Progress forum. Seems you posted a lot of complete projects that were finished in an hour. Find something good to make. Devote your time to it. Listen to good advice.

I’m glad you’re back and sincerely hope that you stick to your promise. As a dog returns to its vomit, so does a fool to his folly. (somewhere in Proverbs.)

Don’t be a fool.

Glad to see you back Kansas. Some more advice … just take it slow. I imagine that if you have trouble accepting criticism, then it won’t be a quick turn-around to not only accepting it, but using it to better yourself and your work. But I for one will help you in any way I can.


i have had crit sessions at my university where people leave crying, where i have gone home feeling suicidal…

however once you think about things, and realise what they are really saying, then you have the most powerfull thing to man kind…

‘self reflection’

you master that skill, and “nothing” whether it be a relationship, a critism… can be considered a bad thing. everything in life is an oppertunity.


well, my simple advice is that just post images in WIP, and then read the crits, and learn from them. no need to comment the crits especially, except if there is something you don’t understand…
no need to write long letters about explaining things, there is no need to prove yourself to anyone, no need to feel sorry about still learning stuff. when you are learning, you are learning. people understand that. and nobody expects that anyone produces high quality instantly.

if you ever get that kind of crit, like “it’s crap, delete it please and ban this person for good!” then just ignore it… some people seem to have too much time on their hands.

also ignore threads like this “Ban on Kansas_15?” poll on this same section currently…


Some times it is really hard (no matter how badly we want it) for people to change their behavior… That’s why I can really understand why people can’t allways keep their promises…

I don’t know if you have the inner strength to keep yours, but I see an honest intention to at least try and that’s fair enough for me…

Tip: Next time you feel angry because of someone’s comments or critisism, instead of fighting back, try to “pipe” your anger straight into your art… In other words, try to “visualize” what is it that made you angry and make an “image” out of it, with Blender…

It is a very productive way and at the same time you steam off a bit… :wink:

I have allready forgoten and don’t know what we are talking about, right now :wink:


:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
very wise words.

Welcome back. The style of your posts since you came back have changed. I though for a sec that it wasn’t you. I’ll give you an other chance. Cause you can can learn a lot more by sharing.

And here’s me thinkin’ you got banned for being a pain in the a**. To be honest with you kansas, your reaction to criticism didn’t bother me at all. It was the ignorance you displayed when posting/replying. From what I heard from other people, that’s what bothered them too.

If you crit other people’s work, try less to just bang out another post and more to say something meaningful. I know some other people do that too but for some reason your’s just p*ssed everybody off. I reckon because of how you posted in other threads. When people go to the effort of making up an image naming you master of the obvious, you should read that as a bad sign.

I was preparing myself for your return in maybe a month or so as I figured it would take that long for you to learn a lesson. One day or less seems a bit too soon. Already you’re at it again by saying you’re not going to post your pictures any more as if somehow it’s us to blame and that we’ve classed you as a pariah.

You obviously haven’t learned that you were banned because of your own behaviour. If you’re prepared to behave more appropriately then fine, you deserve another chance and posting your work won’t be a problem. All people told you to do was to take more time on your work.

I think what would really help your situation is a change of name. Shouldn’t you be Kansas_16 anyway? It would let people know you are a changed person. Anyway, it seems that some people actually had withdrawal symptoms when you were gone. As though they lost a target to aim whatever daily anger they had pent up at. Lets just hope you don’t become said target again. :wink:

But I repeat, do not stop posting your work. Just be less of an eejit (scottish for idiot) in threads and people will want to encourage you more even if you post some work that isn’t very good now and again.

It takes a strong person to confess their weaknesses. Welcome back, and let’s all be a positive Blender community - the world is watching us.

About my images and everything, after looking over I now want to delete all of them :frowning: I just don’t feel satisfied with them anymore. I want to keep them but after my images being under heavy fire and my mind agreeing they could all use improvements, i’m afraid I may just let months worth of images just go to waste. :frowning: Should I keep them or should I not. And now I don’t even know if I should ask Alltaken to give me a new album either :frowning:

still a little skeptical because of the 1836 posts in a few months but…

Welcome back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now about my last post i’m not blaming you for how I now feel about them, but all the months I spent making them, I don’t want all that work to go to waste. But I don’t feel satisfied with the images anymore either.

It didn’t go to waste, it was a learning experience. Nothing in life is a waste.

Okay, after figuring what people might say if they read that and what you users posted already. I may keep the images and put them back online. Because it’s not the fact that people like them, it’s the fact that I was the one who made them and had fun doing it. I don’t need to worry about people not liking my images. An image only matters if I like it and I had fun doing it. Sure they aren’t the best images. But I at least have something to look at and say “I made those images, they aren’t the best, the shaders or lighting may look off or the wood pattern is real wild, but at least I tried and they look like stuff and that’s all that matters”
Sorry about this but I was going wild in an emotional sence recently. Sometimes I feel like I should keep my images and put them back online and the next thing is I want to delete them. But now i’ve made my choice, i’ll keep my images and put them back online after PM’ing Alltaken for a chance to have a new album.
EDIT: just PM’ed Alltaken, hopefully he’ll give me another chance to have an album and you’ll be able to see my images again. And i’ll think i’ll once again post images in the finished projects forum.

Just got word from Alltaken, most likely i’ll be able to have my own album again at the beginning of december if everything goes smoothly. Meanwhile he’s inviting me to use the public gallery for now.

You will still have the knowlegde even if you delete all your images, that knowledge is what counts, it is what makes you improve in each new scene.
In the end there will be no waste of time even if you trash the images, cause the knowledge is with you and it won’t go away.

Glad to see you are back, criticism is good, but keep it moderated, don’t go ahead and trash it all just by some foolish comment. :wink:

The best reason to keep these images around is so you can look back a few weeks/months/years from now and see the progress you’ve made with your craft. I have many pieces of work (3D and otherwise) that I’d be embarassed to let see the light of day, but I keep them around so I can reassure myself that I am improving and prevent myself from repeating a mistake.

Don’t feel bad about deleting months worth of images. Most of us don’t keep that default cube image lying around that we probably rendered the first time or that image with two metaballs slightly joined together.

The ones I keep are those that used techniques I might forget - I usually just keep the .blend files though.

I have kept some animations that I’m not happy with but I keep them because they show how I progressed. From bouncing ball to full blown character rigging. One I hold dear is my little hopping lamp. There are quite a few things wrong with it (broken frames, amateurish lighting, unrealistic animation) - in summary it’s a piece of sh*t. But I spent months building it up and it was the project that took me past the learning curve of 3D.

If your stuff is important to you keep it. If you feel you could improve then open the Blender files and improve it or store your blend files until a time you want to. Now less of this sympathy seeking and get blending. :wink:

Congrats, second chances don’t grow on trees.

I felt kind of bad after you left anyway. Sorry for threatening to drive to Kansas and beat you up.sort of.