Publisher 2.25 bugs

(Quique) #1

In Publisher or Creator 2.25 there is a bug in the buttons (Top, Front, Side) , (Local View) or it´s my installation?.


(Dittohead) #2

HUH? :-?

Explain what happens.

Is thier an error?

(ilac) #3

Nope it’s a problem we all have. While we are on the topic of discussing 2.25 bugs and seeing that now most you have access to it, I thought I’d bring your attention to an NLA bug - and workaround - I found a long time ago. Here’s the original post:

It’s a nasty one so beware! :-?

(Quique) #4

Thanks for the NLA info.
All resolved in 2.26 … ?.


(CurtisS) #5

I have experienced the View bug as well-- the view does not match the button shown in the header.

I also cannot get anything to show up in a rendered image that is not on the layer 1 with the camera. Very annoying :-? . Is anyone else having layer rendering issues?

(theeth) #6

2.25 renders a lot slower than 2.23, so I always used 2.23 to render…