Publisher 2.25's great!...but, i got a question...

(TomorrowMan) #1

yeah, i just got publisher (im a Blender Foundation member), and its AWESOME! wow, the new boolean operations are great!, and easier, and the realtime reflection mappings amazing, and you gotta admit, the “monkey” in the list of primitives you can add to your scene is pretty funny (great gag ton! :smiley: )…anyways, i do have a question though…I made a run-time executible demo of a little game that took me a day to make, so i could test out publisher, and i compressed, signed, and locked it, then i saved the .exe…, now, is there anyway to change the icon of it from the blender logo, to something else? thanks! 8)

(rav_bhara) #2

I was gonna ask the same thing, i think its possible because i downloaded a froggy demo which had the frog as the icon. Also i think i have a problem. When i load blender, the mouse flickers all aroung the interface apart from the 3d feild. Does n e 1 else have this problem

(Pooba) #3

I think you might be able to by right clicking on the file and then “Change icon” button. Don’t know though, i don’t have publisher.

(ndnchief) #4

No flicker here, I thought I seen something in the Publisher Documentation, about making your own, oh sorry, just looked it is for creating your own animation for cutom loading, I guess instead of the Rabbit…

NDNChief, Got a Blender Migrane, Throb, Throb, UGH!!!

(Doc Holiday) #5

:slight_smile: Maybe, You can use the Freeware Tool Resource Hacker to change the Icons. I’ve never try that, but that could work. With this Tool, You can do lots of funny Things with Executables and DLL’s.


(Fred_Pyo) #6

You can change the icon of .exe files with some .ico editors (i.e. Ax-Icons), you’ve just got to find one.


(joecool) #7

like microangelo

(S_W) #8

The resource hacker is a great program, but you can’t change the icon of the exe file with it. I once tried it with the alley fighter demo and after i had changed the icon the executable didn’t work anymore… :frowning:

(hideki) #9

If you happen to have any Visual Studio.NET packages (including, VC++.NET std, VC#.NET Std, VB.NET…etc) you can actually use their development environment to actually modify resources.

Just open the executable in the editor, and there you go :slight_smile:

(SeaCigar) #10

:o :o :o


I want Publisher!

I think I missed the August deadline for donations… God I wish my grandma wouldn’t keep such a tight grip on my paycheck tries to think of a way to take it from her

I wanted to donate… I still do, but I wonder if I’m too late… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

(wiseman303) #11

The resource hacker is a great program, but you can’t change the icon of the exe file with it. I once tried it with the alley fighter demo and after i had changed the icon the executable didn’t work anymore… :([/quote]

I tried resource hacker and got it to work.

For those of you who are interested, you have to make sure you include all the images in the icon (in this case: 16x16 16bit, 16x16 32bit, 32x32 16bit, and 32x32 32bit.) The blender player expects all four images to be included in the icon, if one is missing, it crashes.

I suspect this would also be true if you were using an icon editor to replace the icons.

(IMProvisar) #12

I do believe that it’s still open to new members… we still don’t have the “paid” to the +100k needed yet. And I don’t think there is any set “deadline” yet, except maybe before the “end of the campaign”, which I think is defined as the point Ton pays, and NaN opens the sources.

However: With the paid total coming up to nearly 93k, I wouldn’t delay too much longer. I don’t know where you live, but perhaps you have a lawnmower, you can convince grandma to let you cut neighbors yards for the money to donate. If you don’t, maybe you can go to your neighbors that have mowers, and ask to use theirs (for less money), and tell them why you’re doing it. If you live in a city where there aren’t lawns that need mowing, the oops. :frowning: But, get creative… always ways to earn money, and if you show grandma that you’re willing to go the extra mile for it, and learn something about making money in the process, you’re bound to make it. :slight_smile: Ever show grandma what you can do with Blender? May want to show her the forum message about the guy from Black and Decker, too, hehe… Career skills!


PS: And if you don’t get it, then don’t worry… it won’t be too long now, and you’ll get Publisher anyhow! :slight_smile: GPL projects are just as free for younger folks with little money as they are for everyone else.