Publisher EXEs - Camera View shrinks? help

(Abracsis) #1

ok, why when a game is played through the plug in or an exe does the camera view decrease to the inner square of camera in question?


(doogs) #2

Actually isn’t it to the outer square? Anyways it does this because it defines the window in which your screen will be, just as if you rendered the scene. How else would you be able to know how much the camera will take in otherwise?


(Abracsis) #3

its crap. should use the same as you see in full screeen with the creator


(doogs) #4

I wouldn’t say so… Just move your camera back until you get it the same closeup as you are now, to fit in the square. You can also set the window to fullscreen when making .exe — its no problem i think…
are you going to the chat tonight with TON, abrascis?


(Pablosbrain) #5

You do not want it to see everything that you see in creator as you do not know what resolution the user is running at and it may show stuff you don’t want visible in a game.

(Pooba) #6

Sorry, i have to agree with Abracsis, it is crap. Maybe it could be an option, but when i was trying to export Roller to an exe there’s like 15 scenes, it’d take awile. And then when I play it in blender it doesn’t look that good. :x


(wiseman303) #7

What I’ve been doing (ever since the web plugin came out.) is to make sure from the start that the game will fit in the dotted squares.
Although I think there should be a way to calibrate the camera to the blender window. (It would save time positioning the camera.)

(jeotero) #8

agree this sucks

(xintoc) #9

Hey try to put camera lens to 25 or 20