Publisher problems??

(byren) #1

I was wondering if anyone else is haveing problems with the Grid screen, Meshes, 3d header buttons disapearing. Or anything like that… if so is there a fix I’ve tried reinstalling and nothing I’d really like to use publisher 2.25 but with the grid and meshes disapearing when I go down to the options part of the screen. Its kind of bummin me out.
If you can help that would be great.


(rwv01) #2

A quick way to get around this is to click the window “Restore” button in the top right corner. This problem is well known and I’m sure fixing it is a top priority.

Do you have the 2.23 version? It’s pretty stable.

(byren) #3

Thanks rwv01
Yeah I figured it out i just know there was a reply till now.

Thanks for replying tho.


(byren) #4

I also found out that going into Display Properties, Settings, changing to TrueColor (24 bit). Does the trick and you dont have to hit Restore. Maybe it will work for some one else to.