no, I like him now :money_mouth_face:

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Hey Machin3, I was wondering if it would be possible to add an N Panel toggle to the next punchit update and subsequently to Machin3tools? I recently went to clean up my sidebar and found this was one of the few set of tools that didn’t have options for renaming or hiding the sidebar options entirely. Its a small thing but I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Love the tools! Thanks for making them.

I‘m happy for every plugin which doesn’t have a n-panel. I‘ve serious space issues in the panel and I‘m already filtering the plugins…

Just comment it out in registration.py like so

classes = {'CORE': [('preferences', [('PUNCHitPreferences', '')]),
                    #('ui.panels', [('PanelPUNCHit', 'punchit')]),
                    ('ui.operators.keymap', [('AddExtrudeMenuKeymap', 'add_extrude_menu_keymap')]),
                    ('ui.operators.help', [('GetSupport', 'get_punchit_support')])],
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i know programmers want to keep a good port folio but shouldnt it just be send as a patch to blenders native tool ?

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It’s not that simple, the programming language isn’t the same between addons and native so everything is different. In simplified terms: You’d have to start basically from scratch to make it native.

  1. I can’t afford to work for free. You may.
  2. This is a Python addon. It’s not a patch to the existing manifold extrude tool, written not in Python.
  3. I’m not a programmer.
  4. Quite a disrespectful thing to ask.

Fair enough! Would still be nice as a built-in option for your tools, but this works well enough :slight_smile:

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Unlike others, I already bundle all my addons under a single tab. For DM and MM I also allow hiding of secondary panels.

In MACHIN3tools panel will also only show up, if any of the tools that make use of it are activated.
So I’m not sure what the point would be of hiding the panel.

That said, I’ll see if I can add a button to disable the panels in the upcoming updates. I already know, that it will cause additional support tickets though, as people will unknowingly deactivate them.

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Personally for me its about trimming the fat any way I can. While your tools are localized into one tidy tab it is still a tab that is cullable for my purposes, if that makes sense.

I’ve tried to use add-ons for editing N panel organization, but nothing seems to beat direct functionality support in my experience.

Another unrelated thing, is there any future plans for improved non-manifold support? I frequently work with half meshes that are mirrored, and while symmetrizing isn’t the worst fate it is kind of a blow to the workflow. I’ve been very impressed with the functionality outside of that. I’d be happy to verify my purchase directly with you for this kind of support.

Not sure if you can evaluate the depsgraph on a per modifier basis (since evaluating a whole mesh could be hella slow), and you probably can’t… but there’s my poor mans advice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Now that I think about it, having a slower method/option at all might be nice for a workaround to solving meshes made manifold by modifiers.

Haha, I know the feeling all too well.

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Hello @MACHIN3 , congratulations on the release and on the successful Patreon.
I love what Punchit is doing, this is a fantastic addition to the blender toolset.

Here are some UI suggestions.

The result is of course quite verbose and probably not the most elegant, but the spirit of the edit is as follows :

  • Push and Pull are antagonist terms but in the case of Punchit they really arent since they actually mean “pulling back the starter shape” and “pushing out the volume”, which are not antagonist operations. Therefore it would be more clear to actually describe what is happening. (of course one only needs to watch your video explanation once to understand what’s actually going on, but still - there is no reason for the terminology to be confusing).

  • Also, it would be more intuitive for push and pull to have their location swapped in the overlay (so that the operation shown first uses Q, and the second one uses E)

  • Even though everything is explained in the AutoCAD-like status bar it is IMHO always good to have everything explained near the cursor too as looking to the bottom left of the screen is always unnatural.

Also, the tool seems to be quite crash-prone on undo (I’ve just had two consecutive sessions end with a crash on a punchit undo, using Blender 3.1.0 win7 build). This is probably not caused by Punchit itself but perhaps it might be good to have the option to disable undo for Punchit operations (as not being able to undo is still better than getting a crash).

I hope this helps !

Thanks for the input. Yeah I could do a more elaborate HUD, such as in DM or MM, but I’ve been trying to minimize these things (and have some fun), especially for simple (to use) tools like this.

If Blender crashes, that’s a Blender issue. 2.93 had them as well occasionally (also for the MACHIN3tools Smart Vert Slide/Extend tool). It’s most likely related to edit mode bmesh operations, followed by undos or mode changes or calling other tools.
The problem is, they aren’t really reproducible. They just happen sometimes? And most importantly, they don’t happen while the tool is executing. They happen some time after it. So what I can I do about that? I really don’t know.

3.0 seems to have resolved these issues for me, on Linux. The addon/tool is not causing these crashes, it literally can’t as Python doesn’t manage memory and a segfault is a problem with memory management.

I haven’t tested 3.1 yet. Would suck if this issue has come back.

Hello !
I’ll keep testing this out for sure. I also use 2.91 and 3.0.1(win7 build) so I’ll report any findings here.

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Cool feedback. I personally tend to get rid of that bottom bar for the extra screen space so something like that would be nice, agreed.

I did some quick tests in 3.1 and it seems to be very stable for me on Linux. Same as in 3.0.

But the recent vertex group memory issues, were also much more pronounced on Windows. So, yeah. It’s a Blender issue for sure.


Hey MACHIN3, I recently got PunchIt and have been playing around a bit with it. I wanted to ask, will you ever make it so that you can extrude multiple unconnected faces or face islands?

I will investigate this yes.


Hi, any plans for snapping? Traditional extrude tool allows for snapping to vertices, middle of edge etc. Great addon!


PUNCHit and my other addons are on sale right now.