Punk of Damnation

I’ve always been into speakers so through the years I’ve 3D modelled my fair share, but now that we have geometry nodes in Blender I decided to try and build a more procedural one. Many hours later I have a pretty flexible one with loads of sliders to build quite many different ones.
Also not sure if it was before or during the creation of this speaker that I got this idea o doing a kind of ethereal image, you know long dark corridors with huge stone pillar with light beams shining down on some character, but instead doing it with endless stacks of speakers and a skeleton punk that will blast your mind to hell with his “slightly” uncomfortable bass guitar!

Gotta say that I really LOVE geometry nodes and is starting to use it for almost everything I do. So yeah the speakers are 100% geo nodes, while on the bass the strings, nail-frets, chain, nuts and bolts are geo nodes, the skeltons clothes have some geo stuff and the hair with some of the new 3.5 hair groups. And of course that bass needs to be connected to all those speakers, so I also laid down loads of cables using geo nodes as well.
The only things that I’ve modeled in a more conventional way is the skeleton and the amplifiers.

Then I also wanted to do the stacks completely procedural as well but it turned out way to heavy, so instead I “baked” some different speakers, predefined a few kind o “boxes” with a some speakers that I then built stacks from using geo nodes.

If you’re interested in playing around with the speakers themselves I’ve for the first time put up something for sale, never done this before so it’ll be interesting to see how it works out :slight_smile:
Here is the Gumroad link, and below you have my short promo clip where you can see me sliding some sliders.

This is just for thumbnail ^^


That’s really cool man ! I love the details on the bass, having nails as frets is really dope, might think of it for my next instruments xD
Good job on the composition and lighting too.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks! Yeah you should also make a totally uncomfortable instrument, if you don’t bleed while playing it’s not real music :wink:

@bartv Thank you! ^^


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Yeah, nice ^^

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Reminds me of the infamous Grateful Dead Rig (Same idea but theirs was shorter and wider as I recall) - Oh wait…I’ll ask google…


Thanks! Yeah I had those stacks in my head while doing this, though I wanted it a bit more chaotic than what they did ^^ But I would loved to have heard those speakers IRL :o