~ purbosky/sporubyk 2D Artworks

(purbosky) #1

Featuring some digital drawings I made for a composition challenge back in 2017. Mainly made with Inkscape, in anime/cel shading style mostly, using fanart characters. Posted on my second DeviantArt account -sporubyk- you can also see the complete submissions on [this folder].

Theme: minimalist. Character: Seaplane Tender Princess (Kantai Collection). Perhaps not too minimalist… tried to use simple highlight to emphasize shapes.

Theme: asymmetry. Character: Lucy/Nyu (Elfen Lied). Taking reference from the anime version cover art with some variation to represent her opposing traits.

Theme: scene with full background. Character: Aeris/Aerith (Final Fantasy VII). Making the lily flower field made the program stopped several times as it seems I put too many objects in a group… Resorted to using exported images of some flowers instead of copying vector objects manually, compositing it in GIMP along with some effects and finishing.

Theme: dramatic lighting. Character: Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill La Kill). Covering most of the body in shadows after making the complete shapes felt like defeating the purpose of making a full body drawing, lol! Version with no shadows is [here].

Theme: group. Character: the girls in [Me!Me!Me!] and [Girl] music video (warning: mature contents). Using blurs for foreground and background characters to bring focus on the girl on the center. The blurred border effect was a last minute idea.

Theme: low angle perspective. Character: Cierra (Riviera : The Promised Land). I must admit this might not be too well executed, in terms of connection with the theme. The [high angle entry] is done better… Used Blender for the fiery background.

Theme: sketch page. Character: Rubi Tojo (Rosario to Vampire). Variation of expressions using front, side, and 3/4 view (because using front view for all would be boring… plus also serves as a practice). There are a few variation that don’t get shown here though.

Currently I’m still working (read: struggling) to complete the 2018 challenge edition. Might upload it later after finished, maybe next year.

Hope you enjoy it! :grinning:

(purbosky) #2

Here’s a banner of some personal favourite 2D artworks of 2018 :

Mostly from a composition challenge, one from a contest and another one is a gift. Will be featuring some select images in full resolution later on.