Pure-Sky 3.0 Released!

  • Atmosphere and Space: Now you can fly into space. Set the distance to fly before reaching the atmosphere and space (in meters). ***Note: You can use a 2D texture to replace the black color of the space.


Volumetric Cloud: Volumetric clouds can extend infinitely in the sky (In the parameters of the volumes, the 3D view and your camera increase the distance of visibility to extend the field of view). You can synchronize the clouds with the atmospheric fog to create beautiful sunsets. *Note: If you resize the clouds to a value greater than (1.0) the altitude value will be approximate.

Atmospheric Fog: The fog automatically detects the sunset and you can set when you want it to appear and disappear.

Exponential Fog: Set a Max height (in meters) then set the trigger distance (in meters) and finally set the Max density, when the camera moves away from the ground the density will gradually increase from the trigger distance to reach the Max density value.

Lens Flares: The sun lamp and the sky lighting influence the detection of obstacles. Use the properties of the sun lamp to adjust the sensitivity of the detection if necessary. (now the Lens Flares are correctly organized by category in the collections). *Note: Lens Flares are also visible in space.

Lens Dirt: The display quality of dust has been improved and some bugs fixed. *Note: The Lens Dirt is also visible in the space.

Now the stars follow the sun. *Note: The star animation command will be used only if you want to make a night scene without seeing the sunrise.

Cartoon mode removed: This mode requires a lot of machine performance, considering all the new features adding the cohabitation of the two skies in one was no longer possible. *Note: A version dedicated to the cartoon style can be developed separately if many of you request it.


Hello again!

Great job! I’m repeating my self, but I would like to mention, here too, that you’ve achieved, with this version, the best complete sky system ( day and night cycles, volumetric clouds, great lens flares and mist, all in a true 3D environment and not just as on HDRi background) for Eevee renderer, available today.

Cycles ain’t much my thing, so I won’t pronounce my self on that :slight_smile:

About the Cartoon Style… I think that, on that field, the previous version already did a great job on that department. So, as long you keep the old version available, I think all is good :slight_smile: Of course that it would be cool to have only a dedicated cartoon sky system too, but, at least for me ain’t crucial.

The realistic 2D clouds do are useful for the higher clouds.

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A version that includes flat clouds is now available. This version will suit users with a good graphics card.

I’ve tested it already too and indeed the performance decreases a bit. I have a 6 years old card, so by now, I’ll stick with the optimized version! :slight_smile:

If your project does not require space travel you can also use the simplified version. For users of the full package the simplified version also includes volumetric clouds and Lens Flares, but it is much faster than the Optimized version.

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Thanks! Will check it out too!

Hi this add on looks great. I could be mistaken but I don’t see the clouds casting any shadows in your youtube demo. Am I wrong?