Purple normals?

Can someone help me identify the problem of my model? I have this window and the face orientation turns out purple. Now normally when I have this issue, it means I’m having double faces or something like that, but I checked my model for double faces and can’t find them, I recalculated the normals which doesn’t make no difference and I checked for double vertices which also doesn’t seem to be the problem. I’m also having a door with this window but those normals are just fine blue. Does anyone have an idea what else to check for, or whether tell me if this is any issue at all?

Purple ??? I thought red and blue ??? … ah yes if you have two faces in the same place and one is facing the other side they get purple !!! so you might wann merge by distance ?

Thanks, I figured it out! Turns out I had a Solidify modifier that I didn’t apply, which explains why I didn’t see the double vertices, even though they were there. So I applied the modifier and merged by distance and that did the trick! Thanks for thinking with me!