"Push modifier" like in max? [249.2]

Sometimes when baking from a highpoly to an lowpoly there are faces sticking out as we all know. So does blender have any simular way to push the mesh like with 3ds max “push modifier”?

Maybe you could describe what the max push modifier does (ideally a video demo) since most people here don’t use max and I don’t really feel like researching myself what this does before giving a reasoned answer.

here you go (bad framerate due to something…). You should be able to see what i mean tho.

Just looks like scaling to me. Whats the big deal?

Big difference
Scale: pushes it from the center/pivot.
Push: pushes it from the local normal(i think)

So it’s extrude along normal.

Thanks, i guess you mean the “alt-s” command. It seems to be called “Shrink/Fatten” in 249.2