Put a carpet on stairs?

Hi there!

What is the simplest way to put a carpet (or rug, sorry I am not mother tongue:)) along the stairs and the balcony? I was thinking of a single, long carpet spanning both the stairs and the balcony. See screenshot.



Yeah, if it is all one piece, you could unwrap it and texture map it. Another way to do it is to assign a texture to each face of the stairs and use a repeatable image then scale it based on the size of the face. That’s more time consuming.

Thank you. However, unwrapping requires to have a mesh to unwrap. :slight_smile: The question is: how do I model the mesh?

I found a way myself: in top view, I created a polygon which looks like a carpet seen from above. Then I extruded along z. Then I intersected the resulting solid with the stairs. I removed the useless edges, I dragged it a bit up along z, and I textured it with cube projection. End result is in the screenshot. It kind of works.

Any better idea?


There is another way of doing stairs (well, there is always other ways)

You could make straight stairs and then use curve-modifier. The benefit is that straight model is really easy to texture.

Like this:


Hope this helps.

Great! It seems that will spare a lot of polygons and be quicker too! Thank you very much. I’ll look at the curve modifier immediately.