Putin needs help ;)

I know this title makes this thread seem like an offtopicchat due to recent events. But I started this project a few days before all this stuff went down around Putin. I want to clarify, that I have in no extent to intention to glorify Putin and his political decisions.

But this hasnt to do smth with politics and is just a likeliness practice. So I need your help, my eyes are stuck and I know it is looks very off and nothing at all like putin, but I dont know what to change In order to make it look like him :frowning:

Every little comment is highly appreciated because I really want to improve!


awwww :cold_face:
Make him speak !
And ask USA to leave the world apart ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work ! the upper left pic is just stunning !!!
Am short in word ^^ mate, just change nothing !

Happy blending !

I don’t really get it from your reply but I hope it’s obvious aren’t renderers from me and just reference images I used haha

And I did really meant my screenshots, then thank you, but I certainly am going to change a lot haha

If you want to keep politics out, then just say nothing. But since you have… if they do invent a time machine, buy a ticket and go live in rural Russia from 1990 to 2020. Then come back and condemn all you like.

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Please Don’t guyz :slight_smile:

There are so manythings to condemn in history and IMHO they deserve to be.

3D should unite us more than divide us.
Even if i was dumb-ass enough for referencing politics, those are my very own thoughts.
Each ppl has it own. They can be discussed ( should be discussed :stuck_out_tongue: ) but i think it’s not the place for this :wink:

I confess am frustrated as i love all those international and political discussions. Isn’t it what made our world ? anything is a matter of point of view and discussions around this are often rich and amazing :slight_smile:

@MarcTeuber keep on modeling putin :slight_smile: you’ll soon make it talk :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway… i just love the thread title: putin needs help :rofl:

peace friends :slight_smile:
and happy blending :smiley:

Oh sorry ^^

I simply thought those were renders x))

my apologies !

Keep up the work :slight_smile:

happy blending !

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Правильное сравнение, да и близко не идеал.
Но по сравнению тем же коммунизмом это большой шаг вперёд

This is an international forum, please don’t post Russian-only messages.

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Okay I didn’t knew that, I’m going to translate it

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Putin must die!