Putting a surface on a Hull Frame of a ship

I have the instructions for constructing a physical wooden ship sailing model (HMS Victory). It has diagrams showing the internal framing for the hull so I can create the frames on which you would attach the hull planking to get the hull shape. Is there a good way to recreate that in Blender 2.80? My thought is to build out the framing outline and then lay down the external hull on the frames to give the correct hull shape. Is there a way in Blender to create/shape a mesh/curve surface on the internal framing? I looked at the Shrinkwrap modifier but it does not sound like what I need - unless there is something I am missing.

I have tried to look this up in YouTube videos but I not even sure how to describe this to do a search. Every thing I find shows shaping a curve/mesh to match a drawing but I am not real good at that on curves shapes.

Thank you

to what precision or realist do you need it ?

if I remember well this model has been done to high realism in WIP forum
3 years ago!

the other thread has lost of the nice pics !

you could try to contact Ben he might help too

happy bl

I want the model to be able to withstand close inspection. The plans I found (from Italy and I don’t speak or read Italian) is for a 1:100 scale. I am planning to working at 1BU=1 Meter. This means the maximum with will be about 15.5 BU across and 69 BU long. In my ignorance I would like to be able to lay down 0.3 BU/Meters by 12 BU/Meters long - the typical size of historical hull planking.

I want to use materials to color the surfaces but I would like to avoid using textures as much as possible so it can stand up to close inspection.

Here is a scan of a picture of the base hull I want to cover…

I can trace the Vertical Frames and the Keel Plank from the scale diagrams but I need to be able to cover the frames



Have a profile with vertices and edges for each frame, then bridge edge loops. It will give the surface, and you can add more resolution between at the same time.

That surface can then be used as is, or worked against to build more details.

The Bridge Edge Loops looks like what I need. Once that is applied, if I understand the manual, then I create the correct size “planks” and use the Shrink Wrap modifier to fit them to the Loop Surface. Just like bending the wooden plank to the frame.

I have tried twice to build a wooden ship model but I messed up both of them. This looks like my best alternative.



You might also want to take a peek over at this guys HMS Pegasus build he has been doing for a while now and it is an awesome job. He might even let you pick his brain a bit too and give you some tips.