putting particles in-game

before anyone points this out, yes i do know that you can’t actually used the blender particle system in the game engine.

i have created a particle system to spawn a load of star like objects randomly, and i want to know how i can make the spawned objects “real.” they don’t have to be moving, i only want them to exist in the game engine.

any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Could you explain a bit better what you’re trying to achieve? What do you mean with not “real”?


when i create a particle system, it stays as a particle system, that doesn’t appear in the game engine. i want to know if it is possible to stop the particles being a particle system and make them real vertexes in an object.

I don’t think you can do that… but you can use an empty to add a bunch of little dots or what ever your trying to do

I think this is what Ideasman is working on right now.

You simply simulate the particle system by adding objects. Each particle is an object so you just add multiple objects as time goes, then set a speed to each one and destroy it after it expires just the same as you would with any other object. There is no big secret about it, just create and destroy objects.