Putting up Ubuntu Server!

i think i got a server edition of ubuntu linux and is trying to put up a server.
So i am expecting some tips to help me out. Firstly the server edition has no GUI as per the guide. But how to put up a GUI?
and i haven’t installed it on the system just yet. i’ll test it on a virtual machine. Will a desktop edition be enough for a server. Well i installed apache2 on ubuntu desktop and got it working in my browser after entering ip address. but when i tried it on my laptop, it doesn’t seem to be working.
Hope someone knows more on this can help a noob put up a server!:smiley:

ps: i don’t have a domain just yet, i’ll play with the ip for now. i will apply shortly after get this to work.

Running a server is a responsibility, not something you just do.
You should know a bit about raid, user rights, security and the basic technologies a server needs.

I am running ubuntuserver too.
You don´t need a gui, you can do everything per SSH you need to do. If you need a gui, install x.org and some windowmanager with aptitude or apt-get. XFCE or Fluxbox is nice and lightweight. You can remotely access the GUI lateron with tools like FreeNX.

SeverGUI: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI
FreeNX: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX

You should always have automatic security updates running.
Choose secure passwords for apache and sql, they are number 1 targets of attacks. Also keep them updated, but the automatic securtiy patches should fix that.

You probably have only access to your apache via localhost or your local ip, or some problems with portforwarding in your router. You got to figure that out yourself with tutorials. Just google for “setup LAMP”

You don´t need to buy a domain and forward it to your IP, you can use a free service like dyndns.org.
They offer 2 domainredirectors free, and have plenty of free services. Most routers have tools to keep the IP updated with dyndns, otherwise there is a utility you install on the server, that keeps the your IP updated in their server for proper name resolving.


OK. thanks for those info’s. i’ll be looking forward to it. In mean time i got the server edition installed on Virtual-box and made a command-line browser to work :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i’ll read the server guide from now on and see whether it goes OK.
thanks again.:smiley:

I am happy to announce that i was sucessfully able to put up an ubuntu server from scratch and make it working.

Real Domain.
Apache Server.
Php Support.
Hosted on my pc.
and more…

Oh yeah!:smiley: