PyLux isnt working in 2.63... desperate for fix

i have already posted, but my post got too far down the list to be seen.

i installed luxrender 64 in the scripts folder, used the provided pylux.pyd… it duden go!

the preview gives me just a black box.

it will not render with the error “Export aborted: ‘mesh’ has no atribute ‘faces’”

im sure i installed it right…

some people are saying the problem is that pylux was compiled in VS2k8, others are saying its a misnamed portion of the back end, im not sure what the problem is, but i am not sure what to do.

i will try and see if graphicall has a working version of pylux. still, if anyone knows howto fix this idd appreciate the help.

well i jacked a working luxrender file from a graphicall build. i hate doing that because it is an older version of lux and py, but im using the most recent lux render so its not horrible.

if anyonek nows of a fix still, id appreciate the info

‘Faces’ was renamed to ‘Polygons’, in the API when we moved from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3. It sounds like you are using an old version of LuxBlend. Either get a new version of LuxBlend (compatible with 2.6.3…does it exist yet?) Or just use Blender 2.6.2.

It’s not your fault, the API was changed.

im completely up to date with dev versions and rc1, im as upto date as it gets, guess ill live with the version i jacked from a build on graphic all for nowtill they update. thank you

i don’t know about pylux, but i had a related issue with SLG2 and 2.63. i got the same error about “object has no attribute: ‘faces’”, and had to change a line in the exporter from mesh.faces to mesh.tessfaces for 2.63. it exported successfully, but there were artifacts (oddly faceted meshes). you might try something similar? but you might experience similar artifacts, too (?).

Was fixed 4 days ago: jensverwiebe » Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:22 am
I just fixed both lux and slg addon to work also with Blender 2.63.
The versioncheck i had done before was ambigous.




Use the latest LuxBlend and Pylux from the SVN - LuxDevs are really lighting fast and doing a great job.

thank you, but im not using SLG, im using luxrender.

looks like the links arexma posted are related to both SLG AND luxblend25 addon fixes.

i’m always a little confused on how to save the text on a page correctly to a .py file. the text of the page has the line numbers included. how do i save it in such a way as to get rid of those?