Pyramid Textures

Hi i have a question about adding textures to pyramid.

I have created the pyramid by merging top of the cube at center. Now i’d like to add different textures to each of pyramid sides. The problem is that i have no idea how to do it…


It’s very simple, you have to UV unwrap the mesh into a image texture material… if you have never done it before, check this tutorial:

You can use 1 single material that has an image with the four textures (just like in the tutorial above) or you can have 4 different materials slots in the object assigning 1 to each of the faces.

Also take a look at some of the “texture painting” tutorials, such as the ones where a spaceship is textured by “painting on” textures from different source bitmaps to create a final texture-bitmap (as the output of this process) which is then applied to the object.

In short, I suggest that you thoughtfully and carefully read the entire texture section on the documentation wiki. Get a bird’s eye view of what the product can do, perhaps before you dive into any of the tutorials shown. Keep your requirements in mind as you browse what you see. Browse through everything before you start to zero-in on your approach. (This field is full of tasty white rabbits … get a good look at the entire field before you start chasing any one of them.)