Python 2.5 not found

I just downloaded and installed Python 2.5, but the Blender command line window still says no installed python detected. Any ideas?

youll need to recompile blender with python 2.5

You can have both python 2.4 and 2.5 installed at the same time if you need the older rev for blender.

Blender 2.42a is compatible with Python 2.4.3.
Installing Python 2.5 + 2.4.3 is ok but serves no purpose as Blender 2.42a will search for Python 2.4.3 only.
Unless of course you do as cambo suggested and compile Blender with Python 2.5.
In which case Blender will be compatible With Python 2.5 and not Python 2.4.3.
However I am unsure as to the results reguarding extra scripts, you may find some won’t work.
Also this is fast becoming a common issue. Maybe it is time to have some better docs on this.

It makes sense for people who use python for other things and want the new features of 2.5 for those other projects while still being able to use blender with 2.4.3 without having to recompile blender with 2.5

True. Good point.

does any one remember where i can get a python instalation tutorial? lol i forget where to change the directory location of python on windows lol

You mean for windows? or Linux?
In windows it should install to C:\Python24 by default (in the case of 2.43).
Then it’s just a matter of adding the environment variable:
and enter this as value:

In Linux, look for an rpm or installer package according to your distro. Or download and uncompress the version you need somewhere. Open a shell terminal and su - as root, cd to the folder where you uncompressed python and type: ./configure , followed by: make , and finally : make install
After compiling python you should have a working version in /usr/local. No need to set variables as linux finds them there. Be careful when having previous versions installed; remove them first. :wink: