Python access to 3D text + texture

I was unable to find answers, via search, for
the following regarding a Python script that I have been
constructing for simulation:

(1) Is there a way to change 3D text from Python? For example,
consider the current time being displayed in the 3D window
and in rendering (using clock() from
the time module). It seems that Blender stores only the curve
information, and loses the text ?

(2) I could not locate a Python approach to change the R,G,B values
in “Map To” for Textures. Is there one? Without being able to
change this, all dynamically created objects using Blender
textures have the default magenta coloring.

Thanks for any help in answering these 2 questions…

(1):Yes, it’s in CVS though.
(2)No at the best of my knowledge and after looking in the doc, there is no access to theses var.

Thanks for the quick feedback

For (1), that is good news - I’ll wait for the next release to
test it out.

For (2), I tried an experiment – instead of trying to create
all materials from scratch, I created an object away from
the camera view, specified the right materials and then
in the Python script I get the materials from that object
and stick it on the one I am trying to create. Seems to