python autocomplete on eclipse

i develop my blender python scripts on eclise with pydev plugin. is it possible to define variable types on script and gain autocomplete function on ide? i also develop c# on visual studio. i want to have c# autocomplete feature on python. is it possible? i know a workaround to define a variable as myvar = bpy.types.vertex but this time it does not work on runtime. i have to comment this line. i need a solution that works on both design time and runtime.

I would also like to see this. Eclipse python has a great deal of functionality that you just don’t get from the Blender text editor, and I’d find it extremely valuable if the list of functions and objects for a library popped up instead of my having to search for the function on the web.

Found it! The page provides both the grammar libraries and a book with instructions on how to install them to make Eclipse recognize the Blender Python API in it’s autocomplete functionality.

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I’m using Eclipse + Blender Python. Eclipse IDE + Blender Python Guide