Eclipse IDE + Blender Python Guide

Hello, I would like to share with you how to set up your Blender python environment within Eclipse IDE.

1 Install Blender.
2 Install Eclipse IDE.
3 Install PyDev inside of Eclipse. Help → EclipseMarketplace.
4 Download Blender Autocomplete repository and unzip it.

5 Set up your python project and set Blender’s Python exe file. It should be located here:
And add your path to the Blender Autocomplete folder

Also one note, I have to remove PYTHONPATH so that all worked fine. But this is optional.

As a result you should have the Autocomplete.



but can you debug with it?
if not you can use visual studio and this tut and then you can also debug your addon an real time ( you can see all the variables value, etc…)

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Super! Visual studio code is a very nice alternative option.

I’m not a super expert in Eclipse. Did not try debugging. If someone more advanced could check the debugging in Eclipse I would appreciate it.

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