Python-Blender-not working

I seem to have a never ending problem with python, long story short. I downloaded python here, but when i launch blender it still says python is not installed, and no scripts work. Help?

it would help if you told what system you are running.
On windows [I’ve heard, but I don’t want to know anything about it] you have to set some systemwide parameters to make it work.

I’m on windows (XP).

:slight_smile: a bit more than that is need to find out the problem.

what type of info d o you need?:o

well i am having windows, too, and i just installed python and all went fine

For a start, which version of blender are you using? What’s the error message in the console window when you start blender?

nvm, thnx for the input. I guess i installed the wrong python version, so i updated my blender program.:o

Sorry I took so long. The processor, XP version, etc would help solving the problem…