Python data vizualization in Blender

Hi everybody!

I have a dataset of about 1000 rows with 4 x 10 digits and 1 string for each row: diameter, x,y,z coordinates and a text (charlimit 20). Text is in unicode and Russian letters(!). The following things needs to be created:

each rowmakes a sphere with given coordinates and sizes, plus:

1: 1 static rendered image for each row
2: video with all rows in 1 scene rendered in cute view/path

1st payment for the script itself, 2nd payment for Script that in installed over my server with simple Api (incoming data = csv file)

any python leaders please contact.

thanks and have a great day!

so there should be 10 spheres per rendered image, 1k times. There are unicode/russian letters in CSV input, but the string is not used anywhere?!

1: what about the camera? is there a fixed position, should it zoom in a way, that all objects fit into the image, …?
2: a video that shows 10k spheres simultaneously, is that right? Or should every previously rendered image be put together to a video?