Python debuggers for Blender

What tools to you use to debug python code for Blender and how is it set up?

I’ve just discovered Wingware and it works great (instructions below), but what else is out there? Are there any tricks to setting it up? Post some notes in this thread.

Wingware: Commercial but with free versions if you are developing open source.

Setup: (assuming debugging an addon with it’s own dir)

  • In the main application directory there should be a file called, copy it to your addon dir.
  • edit the file and set kEmbedded = 1
  • add the following where you want the debugger to start in your addon

    from . import wingdbstub
except ImportError:

The try statement will ensure it fails nicely if the file is not found.

  • In Wing, enable passive listen (small bug icon bottom left of main window)
  • start up Blender (bug icon should turn green when there is a connection)

Breakpoints, introspection, modifying parameters, local shell and exception catching all work.

Hi, looks very interesting, if it can be so to say pulled in into Blender Python development …

I saw only 3 times 10 days free version? How to find what you said: free for developers open source (as is Blender)?