Python developer neede for a simple Add-on/Script

Hey everyone, I need a very simple custom made script for Blender to handle a specific repetitive task for me.
Anyone interested and wants to know more detail?

Why not directly telling what’s that repetitive task you mentioned in case something already exist ?

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It’s something really specific to my needs, and I posted this after extensive google search.

No one will answer if you don’t write your needs. Plus, we still don’t know how hard it’ll be to code that (or even if that’s just possible).


It’s a good idea to say what you need openly. People may be willing to share something that is impossible to find online simply because they haven’t shared it yet or it might be a 5 minute job for somebody who is familiar with the problem you are trying to solve.

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The script is being made, thanks to everyone for PM offers. MartinZ, I’ll keep it on my mind for the next time, thanks.