Python development with IBM Eclipse

Hi everybody!

Since I’m doing my business as a developer, I’m doing all my work with Eclipse.
For me ,Eclipse is a great development environment and I just love it, because Eclipse is able to handle nearly every popular programming language due to its very flexible plugin system.

I thought it might be very interesting for you Python coders to have a decent IDE including syntax highlighting, code completition, package viewer and much more.

here’s a shot of what I’m talkin’ about:

So go and get your copy of eclipse at

(Take the latest stable build of Eclipse 3.0)

After that go and get PyDev at :

follow the instructions on that page and enjoy. :wink:



Unless there are no cool refactoring tools for Python in Eclipse as there are for Java, I’ll stick with Emacs. Java refactoring in Eclipse is really cool.
BTW:Are there any tools to use Emacs as a texteditor from within Eclipse?

isn’t eclipse written in java?

as such, I doubt it

Hmm, it’s possible (but very hard) to integrate Emacs into Visual Studio, so why not into an open source tool, even if it is written in Java?

I’d still like to have a standardized text editor in Blender that supports syntax coloring and autocomplete. It would make my life so much easier.

And abbreviations and folding and parenmatching and macros and … Oh wait, I’ll stick with emacs and just use CTRL-R in blenders textwindow :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Abbreviations of what?


Not in Python. It’s whitespace-based

No macros in Python

But then you don’t get autocomplete for Blender’s internal functions and properties, which is the whole point!

eric3 has standardized text editor and autocompletion, integrated debugger etc.

e.g. Typing "pr " wil give you “print” (w/o the quotes), you can define those abbrevs. You can call this some kind of “autocompletion”

Folding: Hide the body of codeblock (those +/- signs on the side in some editors)


Not in Python. It’s whitespace-based[/quote]
You never use parens in Python? Man I gotta have a look at the fibre generator sourcecode. But you are right, in Python this is a minor issue

I don’t mean Python macros, I mean editor-macros


But then you don’t get autocomplete for Blender’s internal functions and properties, which is the whole point![/quote]
Yeah, that would be fine, but autocomplete based on the current textbuffers open in Emacs are fine, too. And that’s waht abbrevs are for :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to start a editor-flamewar, but IMHO it is a waste of time to improve the internal textwindow when you have CTRL-R.