Python in blender


you are all probably asked this about a million times every day…but I just can’t find an answer anywhere…

I started learning the python language a couple days ago, and am truly interested in learning how to put it together with Blender. Of course, I can’t find anything on how to incorporate it with blender. What modules to use etc.

Any suggestions on where to get started don working with python IN blender?

Thanks, and I really am sorry if this is an annoying question…I just really want to know where to get started with Blender and Python…


Here is a good place to start. The prerequisites list familiarity with the Blender interface, so that might be a problem if you’ve never worked with Blender.

Tutorials for that is more common, though, and it’s not that hard.

No worries about the question, it’s what the forum is here for. Enjoy!

Thank you!

No worries about the blender interface though…I actually need to learn python to help myself in a different project I’m working on ;)…

That link definitely looks promising though! Thank you!


That’s great, I just wasn’t completely sure if you were new to both Blender and Python. (ETA: I can see you aren’t from the modeling in the other thread)

Good luck with the project!

how do i import scripts in blender on a mac…? I can’t find a map called . blender…