Python loading

I am a newbie to blender but I am really trying to get into the program.
I want to load python
also I found other files and blender libraries but I am sorry to say l am lacking the knowledge to load these. I did dload the python and install it but when I start up bblender it says " no installed python found." I have looked around but I cannot find exactly what I need to do ? I have been checking tutorials but nothing mentions python or loading scripts. I know that you can dload some scripts and cut and paste in the blender scripts folder. I dloaded python 2.5.
Can someone please give me the exact how to on this please. thank you


I think you first need to install python itself (though I am not to sure about it).

Regards, Ron AF Greve

I get the feeling you dont actually want to use python itself more that you see the warning that python is not installed, but notice it also says continue happily. To use blender you dont need to install python and most scripts will work any way only the more complicated ones will actually need the full python installed. If you do actually want python ive never needed to install it so cant help you there.

You need to install python 2.4 instead of 2.5. Blender is compiled with 2.4

Hope this helps.
Welcome to blender! :slight_smile:

You want to put script files (they end in .py) in your scripts folder (on my system it is located here: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts). Then when you run Blender the script will register itself so it will show up in the scripts menu (make one of your windows be a Scripts Window).
If the script file isn’t one that registers itself to the scripts menu, make one of your windows a text editor and open the script in there. Then you can run the script (press Alt+P or select “Run Python Script” from the File menu).

As far as libraries go, choose “Append” from the main File menu.
Select the .blend file you want to get stuff from - a list of types will appear (action, armature, camera, etc.) select the type of info you want to import.
A list of all stuff of that type will appear (ie. all the materials in a .blend file).
Select what you want to import (use the RMB to select, hold shift or ctrl to multi select or just click and drag).
If you want to be able to edit the stuff you import be sure that “Append” is highlighted in the title bar, not “Link”.

I had this problem also, and by digging around in these forums, I was able to find out this: mostly you don’t need Python to use Blender. Many basic Python scripts are “built into” Blender and will work anyway. However, if you get more advanced and want to start using custom Python scripts, downloaded or written yourself, then you will need Python installed. Finally, notice the version number Blender outputs when it starts (the current one is 2.4). You MUST install Python 2.4 to work with Blender 2.4. I actually first installed Python 2.5 and it flat would not work with Blender (the “can’t find Python” message continued).

Thank you all very much for the helpfull advice. I loaded python 2.4 and now it does see it from the start up. Thanks Rob for the info on the library also on the scripts. It is nice to see so many willing to help a blender noobs.