Python Object Movement

How does one move an object (smoothly) in Python to an ending x,y,z coordinate?

I suppose what you could do is get the world position of the object and do if object.worldPosition<ending coords: object.applymovement[X, Y, Z] this means the object would stop moving at the specified coords

steering actuator :smiley:

In Blender:

  • Add an empty, call it “parent”
  • place the empty at the location of your object called “smoothly”
  • parent “smoothly” to parent
  • enable soft-parent (e.g. with an offset of 20)


  • place “parent” at the desired location

In Blender:

  • add an object “target”
  • add to your object “smoothly” an Edit Object Actuator in TrackTo mode tracking “target”
  • add to your object “smoothly” an Motion Actuator moving the object towards the tracked axis

In the BGE:

  • place “target” at the desired location
  • activate both the TrackTo and the Motion Actuator

Play an animation that moves the object to the desired location.