python question

i’ve been running 2.48 w/python 2.5. i just downloaded 2.49a and i have to download python 2.6. if i install python 2.6, will it get rid of python 2.5? or will blender 2.48 still use python 2.5, even though i download python 2.6? sounds confusing. or should i uninstall blender 2.48 and python 2.5, to use blender 2.49, then install python 2.6? any help would be great, thanks:confused:

they should each use their own versions. you are safe at the first decimal and can have miltiplve version. you can have 2.5 and 2.6. its the sub versions that over write each other 2.5.2 would over write 2.5 and 2.5.4 over writes it. but those are bug fixes of the same version. 2.6 is a different version. your python 2.5 should be installed to c:python25 as will any version of 2.5. python 2.6 will install to a new folder, not over write the existing folder. it will instal to c:python26.

in you use the installer blender however will overwrite the older versions, and mix the scripts folders which is bad. use a zip version and create shortcuts for opening them quickly if needed., thaat way each blender version remains seperate and they dont break eachother.

thanks for the info,i downloaded the installer version,(whoops) which did overwrite my 2.45 blender. I still have a shortcut to my blender 2.48 but 2.49 replaced my 2.45 version. so does this mean it mixed my script folders? if so, will i have problems now? i forgot to mention, i have not installed python 2.6 yet. will i be better off not downloading it? i dont want to make a mess of my script folders.thanks again

the pythons do remain seperate. the blenders are all that get mixed up. it may or may not have broken blender. to be safe save all your blend files to a new folder and uninstal blender. then just download the zipped versions, unzip them to where ever is easy for you, say c:blender 2.48 and c:blender2.49 then open the folders right click on the blender exe file then you can pint it to the start menue, create a short cut you can put on your desktop, or put in your quick launch for quick access.

the zips are also better because the installer by default puts the scripts folder in you hidden folders so unless you windows settings to show hidden you can look all day and you wont find it. with the zip version the scripts folder will be in the blender folder where it’s suposed to be.

thanks for the help