python reference???

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YO! wassup everyone? not much here…well actually, ive recently started practising python again, but i only have a few tutorials, and i was wondering if anyone out there would give me some python reference material, just give me a website, and im there, thanks! 8)

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(TomorrowMan) #3

:-? …yeah, ive been there once, i know i can get general python tute’s there, but can i get python tutorials related to blender? you know, ones that go over the specific modules associated with blender, like NMesh and things like that?

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I shortened your signature.

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:smiley: thanks! thats realy helps! or it will as soon as i can get some ink for my printer…hahaha…and, yeah, my signature was getting EXTREMELY long there…sorry bout that…i added an extra line to it though…uh…well, i guess thats it… 8) …

(Klein) #7

arent there newer tuts anywhere for blender2.23?
I really need to learn python too…

(theeth) #8

the best way to learn is to take working scripts and pick them appart, I would say.


(microman) #9

where can i get some good easy scripts that work??