Python Request: Planet Generator

Hey. I’m working on a project. I have a space scene but i’m having trouble with planets. Does any one care to make a planet generator script in Blender?

Look in the Scripts section for Blender World Forge or BWF.


there is one go to and go under downloads, all the way at the bottom of the python thing there’s the wizards section…it’s blender world forge…hope that helps

Yeah I got that already, I did get a view errors while trying to run it but then I deleted some of the stuff out the script to get it to work. But how do you generate it into a sphere?

There’s a pdf in the download.


OK! Now I know how to do it now. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I can’t get mountain peaks to work, when I generate with peaks on, it just raises the terrain up on the Z axis.

Also can someone plz explain the post part (where he/she says it is good for vegetatoin, rocks etc), all it says is what I CAN do, but not HOW to add trees/vegetation

when i tried this script i can find it in the script winodw.

sounded helpful though.

planets are really just textured spheres, there is a good planet tutorial here:

and then you can apply any texture to make different planets.