Python script fail,look in the console for now

I have blender 2.61 and i probe the exercises of the book “Code snippets.
Introduction to Python scripting for Blender 2.5x” i probe all the script in the book when i try to run give the error “Python script fail, look in the console for now…” I begin probing with blender 2.58 over ubuntu I think the problem was the version and upgrade to blender 2.61 and result the same problem, the console not show any error messages.

Hopefully you’re not looking in the ‘interactive’ console that is built-in to blender. That console isn’t what is meant. The console you need is the one that launched the blender process, which may or may not even be visible depending on how you launched blender.

If you launch blender from a taskbar button or by double clicking the binary executable, gnome doesn’t necessarily show you the terminal that is ‘owning’ this blender process. You’ll need to launch from a terminal (such as xterm or whatever you prefer) by typing the path to the executable. That will let you see the debug messages. As for making a launcher to always do that, sorry I’m not on a linuxbox lately, so I forget how. I recall it could be done by making a .desktop file with a few lines, or a shell script with one line. Good luck!

I think I do not agree to all what you said, dustrator. Indeed in most cases I use a nice console from IPython to run Blender :wink: (very long, easy copy)

BUT in 2.61 under the Help menu you should be able to find “Toggle System Console” … where to my opinion ERROR messages and print statement will (must I think) occur.

Indeed, W32 Vista, it is as I think!

Thank dustractor i launch blender from a linux shell and i see the erros thank

On MacOS Yosemite this approach works too:

run from Terminal:
cd /

The script (cf. can be adapted as follows:

#script to run:
SCRIPT = “/Documents/workspace/testing/src/”

#where is located (this is slightly different than in previous pydev versions)

#where is located

import sys

import pydev_debug as pydev

pydev.debug(SCRIPT, PYDEVD_PATH)