Python scripts

hi, i’m trying to do a script, want to perform some function from the script, for example, there is an option to change any object into a Mesh, or to do a mirror, or extrude, can i do this from the script?

Thanks in advaced.


Welcome to Elysiun.
Please be more specific and better only ask one question at a time.

in general you cannot just use the commands from blender as you know them. you have to work with the individual vertecies.

to get started in python you should start by helping others with their scripts by testing and adding small features. And then you have work up to your own script. If you would like to help, I have a job you can help me with.

What kind of job? Maybe i can help?

i’would be interesting helping others, how do i do it?

i need to test my repository script (link in sig) and i need someone to write up one sentence descriptions of every script on the server (just copy and paste from the tooltips usually)