I know a million people who are asking for Python Scripts, but rest assured that I am not one of them. I am looking for tutorials to learn python. I have already ready 3DGURU’s and Social’s. Can anyone post links to good tutorials of python?

Get O’Reilly’s Learning Python book.
Check out A Byte of Python
Look at the GameBlender Python Modules

And this is all the blender GE functions in Python you need, and they come with examples. This is where I learn it.

I know how to apply shortcut keys, but can you recall another script for shortcut keys and use them in another script or do you have to put them all on one script?

Are you talking about in the GE or in Blender? There is a python forum here. Also, read the thread under the GE Resources for more info on py in the GE etc.

Just the GE.

I dont understand your question about shortcut keys? Do you want to create a series of shortcuts in a script that runs all the time inside the game engine?

You can have a script for every key that can be triggered in the keyboard sensor. Or you can have one script, that is accessed from the keyboard sensor.

And all the keys you use have functions in that one script. Its really up to you. But I would use one script, unless the functions per each key, are one page long, then I would give it its own script.

Why? its easier to code if everything you need to view is on one page. Its cleaner. Although I dont know if you can open a py script from within a py script.

OH yes you can because the gel script does that?

sorry thinking outload, smile.

does that answer the question?

the red hand , the best solution is “BLENDS” , believe me , see some pre-made blends
here goes examples and look for them in the forum with the search functionality

tommorow man’s game such as dog fight \ fights , bhp racing blends .
and there is Hellstation’s blends , escape from monkey island fan alike game <by blengine as far as i can remember> , there is some various blends gathred from the elite of various old members , such as sliders and item grab in fps , and … etc

i will try to upload them after the exams or soon
but they are +400 megas :frowning: .
or the best of them will be chosen .
Good Luck all .

edit :-

And this is all the blender GE functions in Python you need, and they come with examples. This is where I learn it.

if your internet is slow , then use WGET <which is free> to DLD the whole site ,it is legal .

Ititrx, I meant to say can you define some common variables (like gl for the GameLogic module) in another script and recall it from another script

Oh and by the way, I’m using my new PS3…

Ahh, Global vars, yes you may. But I dont recall where the info is to give you… its really easy though, does that help? LOLOLOLOL.

Sorry, do a search here for global vars or variables…

Yes, The Red Hand, like this :
import GameLogic

Global variable visible from any GE script

GameLogic.MyGlobalVar = 1.

Thanks guys. I’m going to try and break down Haidme’s game KRUM for some python, shouldn’t be hard to find. If anyone can post a link or two to a game with python, good example or not, I just need to look at some syntax. Thanks everyone.

Read the scripts in the FPS template.

Everytime someone posts a file, that sounds as if it my have a script in it, download and look at it, you never know…

Check out the WIP for some.

And save the scripts to a .txt and then print them out, maybe a couple copies. I find it much easier to work through code when its in my hand.

You can use colored pens to track vars, and draw lines in the indentation, lines to follow something as it goes through functions, etc.

If you dont have a printer at home, email them to yourself at hotmail, go to the library, and print them out there. My printer has kitty litter jammed in it (dont ask!) so I have been using the library for a while.

PS, I love mud pies…ummmmm