Q:Does Blender really need a new logo?+ideas for new logo

Interesting question … how it develops and modernizes Blender … it’s time for a new modern logo ? … I found on BlenderNation website.
What do you think?
The new logo would have liked but some such as I’ve edited it means we must preserve colors:yes:

my modified version
I must say that the current logo I like but would not prevent the new design.:smiley:

I don’t see why we should be focusing on something as trivial as the logo.

If you look at the top reasons why a lot of professional artists and animators still avoid Blender, you’ll find that none of them involve the logo.

This would be fixing a non-issue and as such shouldn’t be a major focus right now.

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I therefore do not consider it trivial … logo and overall graphic appearance is the first thing that attracts attention and sends a signal that modernizes and improves application:rolleyes:
…and make it clear I’m not saying that’s the most important thing but maybe needed

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I prefer the Red and his font to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes Blender look stylish in my opinion. Kinda hoping the Foundation works something out for it. It isn’t really an issue but I think it would be fun to have it as a new logo. The red would really pop out compared to other apps. Although it may be a bit too intense for me. Actually looking at the red again, it only bothers me when it’s the white text on the solid red wave thing. It looks nice on everything else.

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Bishop, you are right that Blender would need some refreshing for it’s graphic design, but today’s most famous designers are shouting in the name of flat design and all skeuomorphism and gradients and stuff like that are just old stuff. So if Blender gets new logo, it should be flat design. If we don’t wanna look some company in 90s.

And if things like the viewport and the particle system aren’t upgraded likewise to 21st century standards, then they ultimately wouldn’t have fixed anything in the long term.

A rebrand is more or less a new coat of paint, it doesn’t have any effect on the remaining cruft that it glosses over.

Yes ,flat design is modern but also someone says that it is just a fashion wave , and then return to something else , or in a fashion where the trend turns … but yeah fresh modified logo+new contemporary design trend.

In my opinion the old logo is perfect… Imagine a desktop with all the new styled flat adobe and kind of styled logos and Icons and inbetween that nice logo… everybody knows what it is and if you click on that wounderful pice you open a amazing 3D app that does not need that apparent glamour other software seems to need because blender is solid amazing and don`t needs that modern “stylish” kind of design… I like it… the old logo is cool…Just my thoughts about that :slight_smile:

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But the new logo may not be right now , maybe in a year or two.

I like the design of the logo as it designed Maciej Swierczek but I would have liked there to be seen more a letter -b
Changing the logo and maybe a font for many years users it’s a difficult but life is change:)…3D Studio MAX also changed the logo, I used 3D Studio Max a few years and also change the logo I liked.

Of course, but why updating to something that already feels old? Flat design is in the wave atm. because it is easier to work with. If you have worked on print, or web design, you might know how much some gradient and drop shadow stuff can do grey hairs to your head when you need to work with logos like that.
Negative space is also one that should be used with new logos. I bet with those two we could have really good logo that lasts time. In logo design less is more. :slight_smile:

Yes,I agree with you completely:yes: , flat design trend is better , faster, less complicated , fresh , and certainly it will be a permanent trend that is not going to change , simplicity and cleverness is beauty :slight_smile:

I actually like the current logo, and definitely more than idea shown on Blender Nation, by comparison the current one has a lot more of an interesting, more dynamic shape just in it’s form than the proposed one, and a much better colour choice. The deep red makes me think of cheap, third-party gadget peripherals, and isn’t as distinctive as the orange currently being used. I think it’s a solid enough design without having to pander to current design trends, and thats coming from someone who despises all forms of gradients and who uses a Blender theme without the emboss or gradient effects on UI elements.

Plus, Blender does use flat colours in their logo and have been using it on the site for some time, additionally you can see some of the alternate logo designs provided on their site for people who want to use them (http://www.blender.org/about/logo/).

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It does not.

No… though it’s fun to see some ideas & studies.

No a logo re-brand is at current times not needed not wanted, can´t say anything to the images that guy made.

would say its far more important to tackle the bigger issues in which artists for most of the parts can´t do anything about. :wink:

Edit: Nevermind, changed my mind.

“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

The current logo is nice. The complementary colors draw your eyes at the center.
The orange outer form leads your sight from left to right what is more dynamic than the new one (from top to bottom)
Making the geometry act counter-clockwise is also a bad idea IMHO

Take a look at GOOGLE or Wikipedia. Their logo hasn’t changed much, only slight adjustments.
ATM the logos have that flat look that is omnipresent everywhere these days.
The blender logo is flat = modern, so why change it?

This is only my opinion.

Both Maya and 3DS Max’s logo are horrible, yet they’re still very popular.

Edit: Corrected my mistakes.