Q on UV Unwrapping/Texture painting - Controlling seam overpaint

Hi all.

Can anyone tell me how you control UV unwrap island boundary distance in 2.5?

As a crude example. If I take the default cube, and do a UV unwrap with ALL edges
marked, I get the expected six squares packed into the UV-space.

But the six squares have no overpaint gaps betweem them. If I now attempt to use
texture painting using this UV set, I get 1 or 2 pixel overpaint at the seams bleeding
into the adjacent face.

I’m thinking there should be a way to:

A) Force the UV unwrap to leave ‘safe seam space’.
B) Control the amount of seam overpaint during texture painting?

Am I wrong?


If you use Smart Projection unwrap, as with any tool, press T before you unwrap to show the tool panel. Press U to smart project unwrap and you’ll see options at the bottom of this panel including Island margin. For other unwrap options I haven’t seen the margin adjustment

Thanks Richard. I was looking for that panel, and now I see it. but it doesn’t seem to appear
until ‘after’ you’ve done the unwrap once? Kind of backwards?