Q re: Sun lighting and shadows.

I was playing around with some shadow passes for a project. The walker is backlit by a single sun light. When the raytracing is turned off the mesh is very dark, especially the front of it. But when raytraced shadows are used the entire object lightens up, simulating ambient light. No changes were made to the lighting setup.

Just curious why this is.

Steve S.


I dunno, but coooool model! Was that from scratch? Got any Wookies to stuff in the top :wink:

Are you sure that AO is disabled? I think I can even see the AO grain in the image…?! If that’s not the case, I’m not sure either.
Anyway, also wanted to add that is quite a nice model, judging from the rather small pic :wink:

That was it. I didn’t do anything to activate it (that I’m aware of.) Thanks for the help.

BTW, I should have mentioned that I didn’t build the model. You can find it (along with a bunch of other stuff) at SciFi3D.


Steve S.

Do you know how to check if it is activated? Go into the world panel (F8) and see if Ambient Occlusion is activated.