Q regarding images on backlit translucent materials

(Turner) #1


I’m trying to create printed fabric (translucent) with light behind it. I have a basic setup of a floor, a printed curtain, and a light behind the curtain, with the idea that the light is filtering through the curtain allowing us to clearly see the image.

I’m able to get the effect with translucency working nicely, except that the image isn’t showing.

If I view the curtain from the back, I can see the image; however, I can’t see it from the front unless I add another light on the front side, which I don’t want to do.

Here’s an example of the basic effect/result I’d like to achieve:

Can someone recommend how to set this up?


(CarlG) #2

Translucent shader is identical to the diffuse shader, except it affects the back side (possibly without ON roughness, can’t remember). So possibly a mix of translucency and diffuse to create the effect, maybe with Geometry/Backfacing to drive it?

What is supposed to happen when you turn off the backlight? Can you see the white letters as white, black, or invisible?

I don’t have a PC to experiment on atm, sorry.

(Turner) #3

Hi Carl -

Imagine a white sheet with printing on it… you can see it in the light, but when it’s backlit, it “glows”…

I have a mix of diffuse and translucency, but I’ll have to experiment a bit.